List of Judgements
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1. Current Law Yearbook 1990
2. Current Law Statutes Annotated, 1990 - 1998
3. Current Law Legislation Citator, 1989 -1995
4. Current Law Case Citator, 1990 -1997
5. Current Law Year Book 1992 -1997
6. The Misuse of Drugs and Drug Trafficking
7. Probate Disputes and Remedies
8. The Modern Law of Trust
9. Clerk and Lindsell 0n Tort
10. Chitty on Contracts General Principles
11. Chitty on Contracts Specific Contracts
12. Benjamin?s Sale of Goods
13. Tudor Charities
14. Rook and Ward on Sexual Offences
15. Andrew and Hirst on Criminal Evidence
16. Property Offences
17. All England Law Reports
18. Copinger and Skone James on Copyright
19. Gowers Principles of Modern Company Law
20. Halsbury Laws of England
21. Handbook of Arbitration Practice
22. Wilkinson?s Road Traffic Offences
23. The Law and Practice of Compromise
24. Keating on Building Contracts
25. Bingham?s Negligence Cases
26. Levine on Coroners Courts
27. Pensions and Trusteeship
28. Cases and Materials on International Law
28. Remedies in the Employment Tribunal
29. Disclosure in Criminal Proceedings
30. The Scots Law Times Report
31. Osborns Concise Law Dictionary
32. Is It in Force 1999?
33. The Supreme Court Practice 1997
34. The Annual Practice 1998
35. Archbold 1997
36. Phipson on Evidence 15th ed.
36. Dicey and Morris on the Conflicts of Laws 13th ed
37. Jervis on Coroners
38. Commonwealth Law Reports
39. Current Law Statutes 1991, Volumes 1-69
40. Halsbury Laws of England 4th ed.
41. Civil Procedure (The White Book service)
42. Jones on Extradition and Mutal and Assistance
43. Maneva Injunction and Antone Piller Relief 4th ed.
44. Defamation, Law Procedure and Practice
45. Bankung Litigation
46. Corporate Insolvency Law and Practice 3rd. ed.
47. Law and Practice, International
48. Commercial Arbitration 3rd. 3d.
49. Human Rights and Civil Practice
50. International Tracing of Assets
51. Snell on Equity 3oth ed.
52. Lewin on Trust 17th ed.
53. Taylor on Appeals
54. Anti Money Laundering Guide
55. Government Ethic and Law Enforcement
56. Criminal Law, Theory and Doctrine
57. Constitutional Law and Human Rights
58. Commission of Inquiry Report (Bahamasair, Batelco)
59. International Commercial Fraud
60. Competition Law and the World Trade Organization the Limits of
61. Commonwealth Human Rights Digest
62. Financial Crime
63. Money Laundering Control Book 1
64. Cretney and Lush an Enduring Powers of Attorney 5th ed.
65. The International Law Commission 1949-1998
66. The Principles of Equitable Remedies
67. Blacks? Law Dictionary 7th ed.
68. The Law Reports Consolidated Index 1951-2000
69. Clarke and Lindsell on Tort 18th ed.
70. Rayden and Jackson on Divorce and Family Matters
71. Buckleys? on the Companies Act
72. Times Law Report
73. Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court Civil Procedure Rules 2000
74. Pagets? Law of Banking
75. Commonwealth Human Rights Law Digest
76. The Times Law Reports
77. Criminal Law Review 1954-
78. Criminal appeal Reports
79. White Book Service 2002
80. Non-contentious Probate Practice In the English speaking Caribbean
81. Domestic Violence
82. The Criminalization of Stalking Constructing the Problem and Evaluating the Solution
83. Children?s Right and Traditional
84. Parents, Children and Social workers Book 1
85. Trolley?s Managing Stress in the Workplace
86. Labour Law Management Decisions and Workers Rights
87. The Abolition of the Death Penalty in International Law 3rd ed.
88. Rape and the Legal Process 2nd ed.
89. Megarry and Wade the Law of Real Property 6th ed.
90. Forensic Medicine for Lawyers 4th ed.
91. Law of Burial, Cremation and Exhumation 7th
92. Legal Recognition of Same- Sex Partnerships
93. Children?s Rights and the Developing Law 2nd ed.
94. Children and Personal Injury Litigation 2nd ed.
95. Prevention and Control of Juvenile Delinquency 3rd ed.
96. Child Abuse Compensation Claims
97. Offences Against the Person
98. Stones Justice Manual 1999
99. Law of Guarantees
100. Carver on Bills of Lading
101. Human Rights in International Criminal Proceedings
102. Learning the Law
103. International, EC and US Environmental Law
104. The Law of Harassment and Stalking
105. Bromley?s Family Law
106. Personal Injury Litigation
107. Criminal Law 10th ed.
108. Law Relating to Theft
109. Trolleys? Managing Dismissal
110. O?Hare and Hill Civil Litigation
111. The Law of Unfair dismissal
112. The work of a Magistrate 6th ed.
113. Parents Children and Social Workers
114. Managing stress in the Workplace
115. Domestic Violence
116. The Law of Contempt
117. Lloyds Law Reports
118. Disclosure 2vn ed.
119. The Law of Practice of Compromise 5th ed.
120. Basic Practice in courts Tribunals and Inquiries 3rd ed.
121. Professional Negligence and Liability Reports Key Cases 1955-1995
122. Medical Negligence
123. Winfield and Jolowicz an tort 16th ed.
124. Constructive Trust 3rd ed.
125. O. Hood Phillips and Jackson Constitution and Administrative Law 8th ed.
126. Rowlatt on Principal on Surety 5th ed.
127. The Acquisition of Private Companies and Business Asset 7th ed.
128. Convincing handbook 10th ed.
129. Constitutional and Administrative Law 8th ed.
130. Fisher and Lightwood?s Law of Mortgage 11th ed.
131. McPherson?s Law of Company Liquidation
132. Cousins on Law of Mortgage 2nd ed
133. Marsden on Collisions at sea 13th ed.
134. Preston and Newsom Restrictive Covenants Affecting Freehold Land
9th ed.
135. Criminal Evidence 4th ed.
136. Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters
137. Redundancy: the Law and Practice 2nd ed.
138. Cruelty an analysis of Article 3rd ed.
139. Terrell on the Law of Patents 15th ed.
140. Drafting Business Leases 6th ed.
141. Reynolds and Clark Renewal of Business Tenancies 2nd ed.
142. Megarry?s Assured Tenancies 2nd ed.
143. Local Government Constitutional and Administrative Law
144. First Steps in the Law 2nd ed.
145. Planning Law for Conveyancers
146. Harris Cases and Materials International Law
147. Conveyancing and Law of Property
148. Craies Statute Law
149. Human Rights Cruelty
150. International Encyclopedia for Labour Law and Industrial Relations
151. West Indian Law Reports
152. Journal of Money Laundering
153. Journal of Financial Crime
154. 101 Questions and Answers Series Administrative Law
155. The Weekly Law Reports
156. Legal Issues in Offshore Financial Services
157. The Caribbean Court of Justice Closing the Circle of Independence
158. The Legal Profession in the English Speaking Caribbean
159. Non- Contentious In the English Speaking Caribbean 2nd ed.
160. Current Issues in Securitisation
161. What is expected when you go to Court?
162. Planning Law a Handbook for Conveyancers an Property Professionals
163. Special Report Exchanges and Alternative Trading systems
164. Factoring the Law and Practice of Invoice Finance 3rd ed.
165. Kelly?s Draftsman
166. Queens Bench Forms 21st ed. Sesquicentenary ed.
167. Registered Conveyancing
168. Stroud?s judicial dictionary of Words and Phrases
169. Palmer?s Company Law Manual
170. Corporate Insolvency Law and Practice
171. The Law of Contract
172. Norton Rose on Cross Border Security
173. Sentencing, Theory, Law and Practice 2nd ed.
174. Prisoners and the Law 2nd ed.
175. Banks on Sentencing
176. Criminology 2nd ed.
177. Advising Gay and Lesbian clients a Guide for Lawyers
178. Advising Clients with HIV and AIDS
179. Gale on Easement 17th ed.
180. Legislative Drafting 4th ed.
181. Broom?s Legal Maxims 10th ed.
182. Civil Evidence for Practioners
183. Erskine May?s Treatise on the Law, Privileges, Proceedings, Usage of
Parliament 23rd ed.
184. Lindley and Banks on Partnership 18th ed.
185. The Law of Treaties
186. Injunctions 8th ed.
187. Illegal Transactions
188. Principles of International Environmental Law 2nd ed.
189. Encyclopedia Forms and Precedents 5th ed.
190. Statute Law of the Bahamas 2002
191. Subsidiary Legislation of the Bahamas 2002
192. Atkins Court Forms 1-41
192. Criminal Appeal Reports 61-2002
193. Lloyds Reports 1994-2002
194. The Law Times Reports 1884-1952
195. The Criminal Law Review 1972-2002
196. Halsbury Statutes 4th ed. 1-50
197. Law Reports of the Commonwealth 1980-2002

Law Reports

1. Appeal Cases
2. Family Division
3. Chancery Appeal
4. Equity
5. Chancery Division
6. Queens Bench
7. Queens Bench Division
8. Kings Bench Division
9. Queens Bench Division
10. Admiralty & Ecclesiastical
11. Probate & Divorce
12. Probate Division
13. Exchequer
14. Exchequer Division
15. Common Pleas
16. Common Pleas Division
17. English & Irish Appeals
18. Privy Council Appeals
19. Crown Cases Reserved