About The Magistracy

Stipendiary & Circuit Magistrates

Stipendiary and Circuit (S & C) Magistrates are appointed by the Governor-General acting in accordance with the advice of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission.

To be appointed a S & C Magistrate, a person must be a member of at least five (5) years standing of the English, Irish, Scottish or The Bahamas Bar, or of the Bar of any other country of the Commonwealth to which a member of The Bahamas Bar is admitted without examination.

There are currently fifteen (15) permanent S & C Magistrates, including the Chief Magistrate, two (2) Deputy Chief Magistrates, one (1) Senior Magistrate and one who serves as a full-time circuit justice.

In addition to the full-time circuit magistrate, other S & C Magistrates from New Providence also go on circuit to the other Islands where there is no resident Magistrate or in cases where the resident magistrate is unable, for whatever reason, to hear a case.

Current Magistrates:

Mr. Roger Gomez
Chief Magistrate

Mrs. Carolita Bethel
Deputy Chief Magistrate

Mrs. Linda Virgill
Ms. Guillimina Archer
Mrs. Carolyn Vogt-Evans
Mr. Derence Rolle
Mrs. Jannet Bullard
Mrs. Subusola Swain
Mrs. Ancella Evans-Williams


Mrs. Helen Almorales Jones
Deputy Chief Magistrate

Ms. Debbye Ferguson
Mrs Gwendolyn C. Claude
Mr. Andrew Forbes

Mr. Crawford McKee

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